You can say:

I may go to Ireland. or I might go to Ireland.
Jane might be able to help you. or Jane may be able to help you.

But we use only might(not may) when the situation is not real:

If I were in Tom's position, I might look for another job.

The situation here is not real because I am not in Tom's position(so I'm not going to look for another job). May is not possible in this example.


might(may) as well

We might(may) as well do something= We should do it because there is no better alternative. There is no reason not to do it.

-What time are you going out?
-Well. I'm ready, so I might(may) as well go now

Buses are so expensive these days, you mai(might) as well get a taxi.
(=taxis are as good, non more expensive)

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